SaZa offers serious Italian food

SaZa is set in a hip atmosphere with bold colors, exposed brick walls, historic hardwood floors and eye-catching artwork.

From the quality of the food, Chef Joe has created a menu guaranteed to create a symphony in your mouth.

The food at SaZa is a unique fusion of old and new. While it’s authentic and traditional Italian food, it is also new and inventive. This eclectic blend stems from the fact that about 80% of SaZa’s menu is made up of recipes from Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr.’s grandmother. Chef Joe is renown for creating fresh and innovative food. He describes SaZa’s menu as extreme peasant cuisine.

One of SaZa’s most-asked-for pasta dishes is our Rigatoni Bolognese, which has a rich sauce made from carrots, celery, onion, veal, beef, pork, and cognac, then is roasted for five hours before it’s hit with cream. Carmelina’s San Marzano tomatoes are tossed with fresh herbs and rigatoni pasta to round out this unforgettably classic dish.

Traditional pastas are also a favorite choice including amazing touches such as our number one seller, angel hair served with Maine lobster meat, chopped shrimp and spinach in a chardonnay, exploded garlic and olive oil sauce.

As for the pizza, Chef Joe promises traditional toppings but also offers specialty pizzas. Guests can create their own pizza from a choice of 40 toppings. The menu includes the Purgatory Pizza, which is topped with San Marzano tomatoes, Reggiano cheese, fresh basil and four eggs oven-poached. The Wild Mushroom Pizza calls for the mushrooms to first be sauteed with whole garlic, thyme, cognac and veal demi-glace before being spread on the crust. It’s then topped with ricotta cheese, and put in the oven to bake. Another favorite is the Kafta Lamb Pizza, which has lamb and Cardamom curry, feta cheese, mint oil and curried yogurt sauce. SaZa’s crispy pizza crust originates from their special dough made with spring water in Utica, New York by Dioro’s bakery.

This is an Italian dream for sure! Visit them ASAP!









Phone: +12563258410

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