Several Huntsville recreation centers and pools open for Memorial Day
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Several Huntsville recreation centers and pools open for Memorial Day

A day at the pool can be a great option for staying cool, but community pools create a challenge for following social distancing measures.

Several rec centers all across to Tennessee Valley opened up just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. We talked with some parents and they say they’re thrilled that they’re kids now have a safe place to come in they can get out of the house.

“We have been itching to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather a little bit more than we’ve been able to we’ve been able to. We’ve been cooped up playing way too many video games and we’re just thrilled Camelot was willing to open this year,” said Katie Runion.

“I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve been playing with a bunch of friends and doing the diving board. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done this and it’s really fun,” said Benjamin Runion.

The staff at the Camelot Recreation Association is making sure everyone follows the CDC guidelines while lounging in the sun and playing in the pool.

“You can move your chair if your family, or if your group is bigger, that’s totally up to you. We put marks and things on the ground so that the guards know at the end of the day where we want those chairs to go back to so far it hasn’t been a problem it’s been really good,” said Alana Sapp.

“The board has communicated very efficiently about how they’re taking precautions to keep us safe. We were on board with that I’m trying to be careful with my children. We’re having a great time the weather is beautiful there exercising and getting some sunshine and we are thrilled to be here,” said Runion.


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