Some Huntsville parents ready to start the year virtually

Some Huntsville parents ready to start the year virtually
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Huntsville City Schools first day of school is Monday and everyone will be learning virtually.

WAAY-31 spoke with a mother who says her family's daily school routine will stay basically the same...even if it is online.

Instead of filling their backpacks and heading out the door for the first day...students in Huntsville will be turning on their laptops and logging in, virtually, every day for the next 9 weeks.

One parent we spoke to says she has high hopes for the school year.

“It’s still the first day of school. We’re planning on getting our pictures like normal. They’re going to have to get up when I kick them out of bed and we’re going to see how it goes,” said Laura Frame.

Laura Frame has 3 children in the Huntsville City School system.

One in kindergarten, one in 4th grade and one in 6th grade.

All of whom will be doing virtual school this year.

She chose the traditional option over the summer, but is one of many parents that will have their students learning virtually for the first nine weeks.

Huntsville, Madison city and Madison county announced they would all start the school year online late last month.

Frame told us she knows it'll be struggle some days, but is happy to know there will be a mix of live lessons so they can have a teacher they can interact with.

Everything will also be recorded in case they need to go back to it later.

“That’s one of the benefits of being at home. I have 3 kids and if they all need me and my help I can't help them all at once so if we have to watch the recorded lesson later that’s fine," she said.

All 3 school systems have sent home devices and mobile hot spots for students and parents to use and they say they'll monitor the number of coronavirus cases before making a decision on what to do after 9 weeks is up.

This is something Frame hopes people are thankful for.

“I think that schools are gonna do what they can and I do think safety is still the main concern everybody,” she said.

Frame told us the first two days are meet and greet days and the kids get to see who their teachers are and will learn how everything will go.

She hopes other parents and teachers will have grace and patience with each other during this transition.


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