Space & Rocket Center’s New CEO Is Dr. Kimberly Robinson

There is a new leader in the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and her name is Dr. Kimberly Robinson.

She officially took over in February after an especially tough financial year where the U.S. Space and Rocket Center barely survived thanks to donations.

Robinson has plenty of experience! She was hired by NASA as an engineer right out of college and has been at the Marshall Space Flight Center for three decades.

After the donations of over $1.5 million last summer, she’s especially ready to work for the number 1 tourist attraction in the state.

U.S. Space Rocket Center

She said: “We receive no funding from NASA, we receive a very small amount of operational funding from the state, about 5 percent and the rest of it we have to make. And really what we need is a community pulling together to make sure we don’t get in that situation again and that we all have something we can be proud of here in the Tennessee Valley.”

Dr. Kimberly Robinson
‘s on the process of working on a strategic plan for the next several years and she’s eager to have a firm foundation for whatever the future holds.

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