Starting a business in the middle of Covid-19
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I quit my ‘real job’ on March 13th to focus on The Scribes full time.

Leading up to this decision, I thought about what my day to day would look like as an entrepreneur. I played it out in my head over and over again.

Morning coffee at a busy café where I luckily manage to secure a table by the window.

Fly to China to meet our supplier.

Fly to Honduras to hand out journals to kids that need them most.

I was ready to chip away at our lofty sales goals and be a part of something bigger than myself. I was so excited to begin this journey.

I flew home to Huntsville, AL on the morning of March 14th for an engagement party. I was scheduled to fly back to New York on the 17th, giving myself a few days to stick around for my mother’s birthday.

And then, the unthinkable happened. The United States (and much of the world) shut down as Covid-19 got to work.

Fast forward 37 days later, and I am still at home, in Huntsville, sleeping in my childhood bed and working remote from my parents dining room — unsure of when life will return to normal.

All of the things I mentioned above, the things we were sure to be doing, haven’t happened.

But, in this time at home, a few things have happened, both personally, and for The Scribes.

I’ve been able to spend a month with my family. When else in your life (after college), are you able to do this? Sure, the house feels small, but we are making it.

I’ve been able to exercise. Specifically, I’ve been able to play golf and tennis, two sports that hardly exist in New York City.

I’ve been able to learn more and read often. I’ve read a new book, subscribed (finally) to Masterclass, and joined daily webinars and leadership summits that I often skip over.

I’ve discovered that I have a ton of work to do to become a better leader. During these uncertain times, my own anxiety and disappointment has gotten in the way far too often, and I’ve been served a constant reminder that when negative thoughts emerge, we must do our best to change the lens, and think positively about the situation.

For The Scribes, most of our near term plans were scrapped and we’ve had to look in different directions for growth opportunities. I’m proud to say that we’ve not only done that, but we’ve found ways to give back, even when we had little to give.

We used this time to survey our customers asking for feedback on our products. We then used their feedback to place an order for five new journals that will be for sale in the coming weeks. We 3x’d our current product catalog by using our customer’s feedback.

We used this time to purchase 4,000 masks from our supplier who is now making personal protective equipment. We then sold these at below-market rates to hospitals and businesses in the Huntsville community.

And lastly, we reached out to close to one-hundred teachers, asking them if we could send them a journal. We asked for nothing in return — we just wanted them to know that we are thinking about them during this troubling time.

While the last 35+ days have been tough, it’s reminded us of the importance of giving back. Not only is giving back the right thing to do, but it will make you feel better about yourself, and it will create a chain of kindness when the recipient pays it forward.


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