The Veggie: Vegan Comfort Food Meal Prep & Catering – Huntsville, AL

If you’ve ever been scared to eat more vegetables because it might be bland, Chef Adyre has a surprise for you!

Now you can enjoy familiar, savory recipes that are 100% plant based.

The Veggie is Huntsville-based vegan food made absolutely delicious. Founder Chef Adyre calls on her mother’s recipes and her own extensive training as a chef to provide mouth-watering Catering, Meal Prep, Pop-Up Dining & Private Chef Services.

Says the Chef: “Our clients don’t have to cook anything. And we prepare the meals fully. We pack them in compostable packaging and we deliver those to our clients. You just have to reheat and eat. There are no dishes, there’s no work! Everything is done for them. That’s the primary function of The Veggie. We also do a lot of catering in the area.”

In the workplace, plant-based employees are still kind of in small clusters. So a lot of times companies want to add plant based food to their holiday party or office parties, but they’ve only got maybe five or 10 people. So The Veggie specializes also in providing smaller quantities of options. So that plant based employees and colleagues, no matter what space they’re in, can be accommodated, feel like part of the party and part of the conversation, even though they eat differently from most people around them.

Adyre has been vegan for almost six years. Part of the catalyst for starting the business was just all the transformation that happened in her life after going vegan. She had a number of health issues as a younger person, like high cholesterol. allergy and sinus issues and some other problems she was dealing with.

“I was just like, you know, wow, I’m so young and I’m having all of these issues and taking medicine and all these things.”

And within about three months of changing her diet she saw her cholesterol go down dramatically, and some of the pain that she had—digestive issues, even adult acne—started to go away. This was a huge transformation in her own life, how she felt, and looked.

And she wants other people to experience that as well.

But the company started with trying to get her mom to eat more healthy.

Her mom was suffering health issues and Adyre was trying to get her to change her diet to more plant-based.

But at the time the options were very limited for this type of change. Available options required a large up front investment without knowing if you were going to like the products or the service.

After Adyre’s mother passed away in 2017, she became even more passionate about helping people to eat better, but in a way that was palatable to them, that didn’t feel overwhelming or like too much work, and that’s something that they could really stick to.

Several great reasons to try The Veggie’s services:

  • Local business! There are national meal prep services but so many of their foods are frozen. And when you buy from them, your money is going out of the Huntsville community. The Veggie’s foods are never frozen, always fresh, and you’re helping a local business and the families they employ.
  • No contract. Try it and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue.
  • Compostable materials, so you’re not adding to pollution
  • No work, fully prepared; just heat and eat!
  • Savory comfort food that you’re already familiar with. Taste is one thing you won’t sacrifice!
  • It’s super healthy! Adyre’s personal experience with changing to a plant based diet is like so many others: many health conditions just go away.

Contact Chef Adyre and The Veggie:
(805) 475-3979

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