Updates to Huntsville Hospital visitation policy

Updates to Huntsville Hospital visitation policy
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID-19 has limited or prevented many from visiting their family members in the hospital. And hospital staff will continue to limit the number of visitors for the foreseeable future.

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Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers says the days of five or six people in a room visiting one patient are long gone. He says looking back, it wasn’t wise for the safety of the staff or the patient.

The governor’s order still limits the number of visitors in the hospital.

Moving forward, Spillers says when you enter the hospital you must wear a mask, check in with the front desk, and get your temperature checked.

No one will be allowed to visit if they have a fever.

Spillers says Huntsville Hospital will modify its policy when it comes to compassionate care visitors, claiming their original policy was too strict. He says the hospital will begin allowing visitors for those patients, and a caregiver will be allowed for patients undergoing certain surgeries.

“We’ve had some people who were going to postpone their elective surgeries until they could have someone with them to provide after care. Joint surgery, joint replacement, that type of thing. We will do it within the guidelines that the governor has out there. But we will make some modifications to address that in certain situations,” Spillers said.

The hospitals in north Alabama will coordinate and follow the same model so the guidelines do not fluctuate between different facilities.

You are encouraged to call if you have any questions.

But most importantly, if you have an emergency, go to the hospital immediately.

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