Whimsical Bakery returns to roots in Huntsville as Main St. café shutters in COVID-19

Whimsical Bakery returns to roots in Huntsville as Main St. café shutters in COVID-19
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Christine Kropp, owner of Whimsical Bakery, says the business' Main Street cafe in Huntsville has permanently closed, but its off-site custom bakery business continues, as does her new self-named lifestyle brand. July 28, 2020. - Chrstine Kropp photo

Whimsical Bakery has shuttered its Main Street retail storefront and returned to its roots.

Christine Kropp, owner and baker for Whimsical Bakery and creative mind behind lifestyle brand Christine Kropp, said she had realized over winter custom orders for clients and special events were the core of the Huntsville-based bakery’s identity.

It was how the business started.

“But it wasn’t something we could do in the store,” said Kropp. “The store was very different.”

The custom-order bakery, established in 2008, added its first downtown café and pastry shop storefront on Brunel Road to its business in 2016 before eventually relocating that shop to Main Street.

“I didn’t open the shop intending to make breakfast and lunch,” said Kropp. “I really wanted to be a bakery with an espresso bar.”

But she knew Main Street was ideal for a lunch café, like the store had eventually become.

And so she had tried to sell the business.

“I think it was transition time,” said Kropp. “And then COVID set in.”

She said the public health crisis’ impact on business, paired with difficulty attracting staff because of the crisis, helped make the decision to close the Main Street café portion of the business sooner than she had planned.


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