Wok’s Up at Stovehouse

Have you been to Wok’s Up yet? If you haven’t, you just have to visit them and try their delicious food!

They are featuring traditional Chinese dishes like orange chicken, Mongolian beef, egg rolls, soups, and more. YUM!

As you probably know, Stovehouse has a diverse mix of restaurants that serve up everything from fresh Mediterranean selections to authentic Mexican dishes and Japanese ramen. ince its opening, Stovehouse has become a well-known spot in the Rocket City for dining, entertainment, and fun that caters to thousands of visitors each week.

Owner Jim Xue has said:

“Chinese food is comfort food—it tastes great and makes you happy. We love creating one-of-a-kind local concepts that take popular dishes and kicks them up a notch. Wok’s Up will be set up so guests can go down the line and choose which base, topping, and sides they want in their bowls. We will have a lot of well-known Chinese dishes on the menu and a few seasonal items too.”

At Wok’s, customer can select a base for their dish—white rice, brown rice, fried rice, or low mien—and top it off with a protein selection like sesame chicken, shrimp, beef, veggies, and more. There is also an array of sides to choose from like Wonton and Sweet & Sour soup, egg rolls, and Bao.

Jim added:

“Bao is basically a dumpling bun filled with meats and spices that you prepare in a steamer. We wanted to have some customary Chinese street food available that is both delicious and filling. Quantity and quality will be perfectly balanced in each bowl—there’s a lot of food in an order.”


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