Blessed Hands Premium Cleaning Solutions – Huntsville, AL

Blessed Hands Premium Cleaning Solutions provides highly detailed cleaning services for residential and commercial in Huntsville and surrounding areas.

While Blessed Hands does offer janitorial services for businesses, their focus is on housekeeping and rental property clean-outs and move-outs.

Check out their Instagram here for amazing before and after pictures.

Blessed Hands began in March 2019 but its origin was years in the making.

Rayan believes that “clean” is important, powerful and transformative. It’s connected so many beautiful outcomes… finances, spirituality, our mental space.

She believes that cleaning opens up doors and opportunities and she wants to share that philosophy through her cleaning.

Rayan and her siblings would do very special things for their mother when they were all growing up, and one of those was to stay up all night and clean the whole house. When they took her around and showed her what they had done, she was filled with joy.

That joy is the same feeling she wants to give to every one of her clients. It’s personally satisfying for Rayan to give these feelings to her clients.

She aims to do such a great job that clients respond with, “Well, we gotta bring her back again!”

Rayan feels that the pandemic is showing people how important Clean is.

As a cleaning company, their safety standards are already high, but they are still careful to throw out any cleaning supplies from one room to the next, wear masks at all times, wear safety suits, and just stay, well, clean!

One area Rayan wanted to focus on was helping the elderly in the community, and because they are so much more at risk of illness and death from COVID-19, they have decided not to move forward with this initiative.

“I love you Community!” Rayan shouts out as our interview comes to an end.

Contact and follow Rayan and Blessed Hands here:
(256) 626-6066

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