Centsable Inspections – Home Inspector in Alabama

Centsable Inspections specialize in home inspections and commercial real estate inspections.

Owner Timothy Thrasher is one of two people in the state of Alabama certified to do commercial real estate inspections.

Tim holds over 48 certifications with InterNACHI. he has over three hundred and credited hours of education through InterNACHI. The education through InterNACHI is the same as going to college in building science. They are approved by the federal government. And it’s the same as going to college classes to take these classes. This is not an online course that just says you know the material. This is actual certified education.

Tim pushes everything about the company beyond the limit because he wants to provide a service that everybody else doesn’t.

He named the company Centsable Inspections because he wants the client to feel comfortable with buying probably the largest purchase of their lives. He wanted to provide a service at a sensible cost because some home inspectors charge outrageous numbers.

Additionally, he wanted to not only provide a sensible service but also educate the clients so that they know how to take care of this very large investment that they’re making.

Tim got started because he was buying houses remodeling them and selling them flipping houses. And he kept getting inspectors that just didn’t seem to know what they were doing. So he thought I can do this and he took 10 steps further than a do and continues adding certifications and education to his skill-set.

The next certification he’s adding is the ICC which is the International Code Council certification, meaning he will be a code inspector as well as a normal home inspector. So he can go in and do code inspections for electrical, plumbing, building, the whole nine yards. That way when they get into areas like Blount county Monroe county and some of these counties that don’t have code inspectors, he will be able to do the inspections for them so that they can get their mortgages completed.

The areas he serves are from Montgomery to Huntsville and Georgia to Mississippi, so the whole upper half of Alabama.

As soon as the pandemic hit InterNACHI put together a course to teach inspectors the proper methods to do a home inspection to keep the inspector safe and keep the clients safe when Tim was one of the first people to take that course which is at 11 hour accredited course to take.

They wear disposable gloves for every inspection, they wear face masks for every inspection, they have all day proper PPE on. They go through buckets of sanitizer throughout the day. They sanitize before they go in and after they come out. All tools are wiped down after every single inspection with Clorox wipes to make sure that they are killing everything that can and so that they don’t cross-contaminate. When they walk inside the home they’re wearing booties to protect not only from the virus but also to keep from bringing dirt, mud and trash into people’s home and tracking up their carpet and messing up their hardwood floors.

A general home inspection is a visual only inspection. Home inspectors are not sent there to start tearing things up.

Centsable Inspections provides the quickest and most thorough reports in the industry. By the time the inspection is done the client and the realtor already both have the inspection report in their hands usually within 15 minutes of being done. The industry average turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours.

Tim’s inspection report is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 pages and 300 pictures where the industry average report is around 40-60 pages and might have 30 pictures in it.

So even if you aren’t there for the inspection you see everything that Tim sees while he’s doing the inspection and you know everything he is looked at.

Tim wants you to know if he inspects your house that you know what he’s looked at how is checked at the thermal temperatures on the hot water the thermal temperatures on the refrigerator, the pictures of your stove actually in operation, the tester used in all of the outlets so they are working correctly. He takes the dead friends off of every electrical panel to make sure it’s wired properly and that it’s up to date I won’t be a danger down the road.

He goes above and beyond and everything he does because he looks at it this way: like he’s inspecting the house for one of his children every single time. By reminding himself of that, he does the same type of job for every single person he inspects for.

Each inspection comes with HomeBinder for free, which is like CarFax for your house.

HomeBinder sends you notifications for maintenance for things like your gutters and filters.

They keep your Realtor info and Home Inspector info up to date. It records all your updates… HVAC, etc.

If there are any electronics recorded in your Home Binder that have recalls, it will notify you of this.

Contact Centsable Inspections today. You are guaranteed to have an above and beyond experience. They strive to be one step ahead of everyone else at all times.


They have lots of specials going on at all times. Any veteran, first responder, nurse… any of our real heroes… they get $50 off their inspection just for telling him who they are. If you’re a first-time home buyer you get $50 off. If you’re working with a realtor and he has never worked with that Realtor before you get $50 off. Because he is so confident that once that realtor sees his report and what he offers that they will turn around and recommend him again and again and again.

Even right now there’s a coronavirus discount just because the way the world is working right now. Everyone gets $50 off right now during the pandemic.

There’s a story in the book I Timothy, where Timothy and Paul were talking.
Paul’s advice to Timothy: “Study to show thyself approved.”

That’s why he has so many certifications, to show himself approved. He built this whole business centered around God and centered around the fact that he’s trying to work in the community and take care of people in the community.

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