HudsonAlpha working with Huntsville Hospital to develop coronavirus treatment
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A team at HudsonAlpha is working with Huntsville Hospital to create a coronavirus treatment to use until a vaccine is ready.

Dr. Rick Myers of HudsonAlpha said they are in the early phases of identifying this treatment and are working around the clock to roll it out in the next few months.

"The goal of this project is to develop a treatment for COVID, not a vaccine but a treatment. something you can give to people that'll make the symptoms a lot milder of even non-existent if you got infected," Myers said.

He said his team is trying to identify antibodies that help curb the symptoms of the coronavirus. They examine four to five blood samples from someone who's been infected with the virus, and observe which antibodies exist in that patient to fight the virus.

"We have found the antibodies, now the question is are those ... good enough so that they actually inactivate the virus," he said.

Myers said they are still sifting through the antibodies to see how many they can find, and which work best. From there they will take it to a lab, mass produce the antibodies and hopefully show their effectiveness to get approved for a clinical treatment trial.

"We would like to have these treatments right now because they will help a lot between now and the time a vaccine is really not just developed, but is in as many people as possible," he said.

He said there are people all over the country working on projects like these and they share information so they can figure out what works best and can expedite the time it'll take for the treatment to be released.


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