Huntsville children's drumline adjusts to wearing masks, coronavirus precautions
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Masks may help protect you from coronavirus, but they can't protect you from the summer heat.

It's something outdoor programs are keeping in mind as their younger participants have to wear masks outdoors.

"They'll wear them under their chin or above their head or whatever,"Huntsville Community Drumline founder and Executive Director Angela Walker said

Getting children to keep their mask on is a challenge Walker says she deals with every day. The free program offers a chance to learn how to play in a band. She said since they re-opened earlier this month, they've gotten a lot of kids to participate - and plenty of new faces.

"We have parents calling wanting to enroll their children because they're looking for something for them to do, so the numbers are continuing to rise," Walker said.

She said she's glad to have so many participants this summer, but more kids means having to be extra cautious in order to keep everyone safe. Kids can bring their own masks, but Walker has masks, and hand sanitizer, available for them to use as well.

"I'm probably the one most at-risk here, I'm the oldest one here with a few health challenges. But, children are a breeding ground for germs so we definitely want to keep them safe. We want to keep their family safe and we definitely want to keep me safe as well," Walker said.

She saidthe weather is something they regularly monitor since the children mostly practice outside. And now that the children have to wear masks she wants to make sure they don't get heat exhaustion.

"If they complain about being hot or tired or whatever, they come inside in the air conditioning to cool off. We have them take frequent breaks, and that helps them a lot," she said.


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