Huntsville company using electrostatic fogging system to clean dozens of North Alabama businesses

Huntsville company using electrostatic fogging system to clean dozens of North Alabama businesses
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WAAY 31 talked to a company helping about two dozen north Alabama businesses keep customers safe.

Trojan Environmental in Huntsville is using an electrostatic fogging system to help kill germs left behind on surfaces. Monday, the business shows us how the cleaning system works at Furniture Factory.

William Chapman, one of the co-owners of Trojan Environmental, said once restaurants and bars started reopening after the coronavirus shutdown, their company started getting lots of calls.

"We're focusing on businesses in the downtown area and surrounding areas. We went as far as Cullman and Birmingham. We have Nashville next week. It's an added layer of defense for the normal cleaning procedures these facilities use," Chapman said.

He explained the fogging system helps tackle areas in businesses that aren't typically cleaned.

"It's an electrostatic fogging system. Basically it will stick and go into places you normally wouldn't clean. Hand cleaning of chairs and tables can be very labor-intensive. We can come in and clean a facility in a fraction of the time of normal cleaning procedures," he said.

The company works with businesses to clean before they open or after they close since spaces can't be occupied right after.

"You want to leave it to settle for about 10 minutes indoors. Outdoors is a little different because it dissipates a little quicker, so we do it a little heavier outside. It takes about 10 minutes to dissipate but you want to wait about an hour to inhabit the space again," he said.

Chapman added everyone seems happy with the extra cleaning.

"This is a total optional procedure for business owners. It's a good one and it's a protective procedure. It's another line of defense. People get an extra layer of satisfaction and protection. They feel more comfortable coming into a facility that has been sanitized by a professional company," he said.

The business shared it sanitizes some businesses daily, but others weekly or monthly, and said they work with customers to determine how often their business should be cleaned.


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