University of Alabama in Huntsville adjusts graduation schedule

University of Alabama in Huntsville adjusts graduation schedule
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As the academic year wraps up, some students are still planning their graduations.

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is giving Spring graduates the option to participate in commencement cermonies this Fall and next Spring after this semester's was canceled.

WAAY-31 spoke with a recent graduate about what comes next.

The graduate we spoke with told us she's thankful the school is offering something for she and her classmates to look forward to.

She told us even though they had to finish school through online learning, her professors stepped up to make sure they could help in any way they could.

A spokesperson for UAH told us they are allowing those students who recently graduated to be able to walk in a different commencement ceremony.

They can choose between December of this year or May of 2021.

One graduate told us she may walk, but right now she's focused on getting her masters.

She graduated with a degree in nursing and told us she's hoping her classmates know how important this milestone is.

She said her professors worked over time to answer any questions and her classmates became closer during it all.

Now she has this to say to other students who may be fearful of what's next.

"Don't give up. Just know you can do whatever you put your mind to and not just with UAH but with any school reach out to your advisors and instructors and other classmates if you need any help because they are there to help you along the way," said Walteria Freeman

Freeman told us she is still deciding on which ceremony she wants to attend, but is glad they're offering it, so she and her classmates can celebrate their accomplishments.


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