Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken of Madison, AL

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Champy’s Chicken of Madison is a franchise restaurant, locally owned by Eugene Jung.

Not even open a year and the coronavirus presents a new challenge.

Like almost every business affected by the pandemic, they’ve had to change their business model.

Delivery and pick-up has always been part of their model, but they’ve had to change how they order food, and now have a much smaller staff on hand.

Jung has applied for the grant and loan, as well as the PPP loan.

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Many of the regular customers have reached out to support.

You can get your Champy’s via delivery through GrubSouth.

Order pick-up through ChowNow.

How Eugene and Champy’s are helping the community:

First responders get 20% off, no questions asked… nurses, doctors, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, when they’re on duty.

Donating meals to ER staff, ICU and some of the hospitals.

Jung says, “Thank you to the community, and our partners GrubSouth and ChowNow” for all the support and hard work.

He also says buy from any restaurant to support the community, not just Champy’s.
8020 Madison Blvd
Madison, AL 35758

10:30AM-8PM, 7 days/week