Disability Resource Network: A Center for Independent Living

Davina Patterson, Director of the non-profit Disability Resource Network, joins us today to tell us a bit about how they help people with disabilities live well and independently, all across Alabama.

Though they are called an Independent Living Center, they are not a residential facility. This is a valuable resource for people with disabilities!

One of the things that makes DRN unique is that they provide help for ALL disabilities. They are also staffed and boarded by 51% of people with a disability.  🙂

Their mission is to promote independence in people with disabilities through advocacy, public education, and consumer control.

If you’re Googling “disability services in Huntsville” you’re going to find them!

There are plenty of disability services here in Huntsville, and Davina’s advice is to not limit yourself! Use them all. They all work together collaboratively, so that you can have an effective care plan and care team.

Contact Information:

Davina Patterson
Email: [email protected]
Disability Resource Network
415 Church Street NW Suite 11
Huntsville, AL 35801
Website: www.drn256.org

Instagram: @drnal256
Facebook: Disability Resource Network